Members are encouraged to volunteer to be a Game Day Host/Scorer (GDH/S). Members can partner with another member to host a day. The GDH/S will obtain player(s) handicap from our website, under the Members tab or from the locker room bulletin board and use to calculate for games. On game day, scorer(s) will collect completed score cards after play and calculate the winners. Ties are broken according to USGA rules, a match of cards on the hardest hole (#11). Penny Moreno and Susie Fucik will be available to assist with score cards. Penny Moreno will report winners to the General Manager, he/she will add the monetary winnings to players gift card. Winners will be notified via email and announced with the next weekly tee time notification.

The 2023 games are listed below. Please contact Penny Moreno if you would like to be a Game Host/Scorer or sign up in the Ladies’ locker room.

2023 Thursday Game of the Day Games

Date        Handicap         Description/Host Scorer

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Odd Holes Only (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17)

Host(s): Penny Moreno and Susie Fucik


Dotts and Putts (10 points for drives landing in fairways or on par 3’s, minus putts). Highest score wins

Host(s): Penny Moreno

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Middle of the Lake (Holes 6 thru 14 only)


Minus 1/2 Handicap

Even Holes Only (2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18)

Host(s): Lori Fregonese

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Mutt & Jeff (All par 3’s + par 5’s {excluding hole 5}

Host(s): Barb McCormick

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Holes starting with T & F (2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15)

Host(s): Penny Moreno

Full Handicap

Alibi (Substitute par for 3 worst holes played)

Host(s): Karen Bell

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Tee to Green (Count number of strokes for hole minus putts)

Host(s): Vicki Pepper

Minus 1/2 Handicap

3-3-3 (Total 3 par 3’s + 3 par 4’s + 3 par 5’s)

Host(s): Julie Terry

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Select the best front or back nine holes

Host(s): Vicki Pepper (no game day, only 4 players)

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Holes starting with O N E S (1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18)

Host(s): Penny Moreno (no game day, only 4 players)

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Middle of the Lake (Holes 6 thru 14 only)

Host(s): Sue Crickmore (front nine closed)


Fewest number of putts for 18 holes

Host(s): Penny Moreno

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Front 9 holes only

Host(s): Julie Terry


Team Scrabble (Must use 3 drives per player). Two foursomes will win1st or 2nd place


Minus 1/2 Handicap

Criss Cross Best Nine Holes (Hole 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, 4 or 13, 5 or 14 etc.)

Host(s): Kim Agrella

Full Handicap

Poker (Low net score + 5 best holes for total score). Use full handicap to get to low net score.

Host(s): Brenda Spencer

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Holes starting with T & F (2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15)

Host(s): Deb Dillon

Minus 1/2 Handicap

Back 9 holes only

Host(s): Marlyss Runestad


Members do not have to participate in Game of the Day. They can play their normal game on game day. Six players or more are required for Game of the Day.

2023 Game Day Winners

Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1/5/2023 Tracy Ferrell Linda Russell Bobbie Hartter
1/19/2023 Colleen Reeve Penny Moreno Marlyss Runestad
2/2/2023 Terry Campbell Gellen Atwood Diane Meyer
2/16/2023 Bavan Holloway Caren Bidegain Ayako Hollis
3/9/2023 Linda Russell Penny Moreno Barb McCormick
3/30/2023 Linda Russell Sue Crickmore Marlyss Runestad
4/13/2023 Debbie Dillon Sue Crickmore Lori Fregonese
4/27/2023 Debbie Dillon Sue Crickmore Penny Moreno
5/11/2023 Sue Crickmore Linda Russell Debbie Dillon
5/25/2023 Penny Moreno Debbie Dillon Clare DuMontier
6/8/2023 Gellen Atwood Bavan Holloway Suzanne Sargent and Karen Bell
6/22/2023 Barb McCormick Caren Bidegan Vicki Pepper
7/6/2023 Julie Terry Penny Moreno Bobbie Hartter
7/20/2023 No Game of the Day    
8/3/2023 No Game of the Day    
8/17/2023 No Game of the Day    
9/7/2023 No Game of  the Day    
9/21/2023 Kim Agrella Sue Crickmore Lorna MacQuarrie